CeyQuartz Mines

High Purity Quartz Mines

High Purity Quartz Veins

CeyQuartz mines for our own production, ensuring that we use only the best raw materials to process into our silica products.

As a supplier of high purity quartz (HPQ) sand and flour for the bioactive glass, engineering stones, epoxy moulding compounds, semiconductor, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, and solar cell markets, CeyQuartz’ geographical location has contributed to the company’s high quality of products. High grade metamorphic rocks cover more than 90% of the island of Sri Lanka, enabling CeyQuartz to mine the best quality of prouducts for their operations as the quartz veins of our mines bear high purity SiO2 deposits.

All of our mines are ethical mines, ensuring that extensive safety standards are in placed and followed. All miners are paid fair wages and are equipped with necessary equipment for their health and safety. The mining operations are all done with the lowest environmental impact to protect the nature around the areas.

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