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Silica Quartz

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Quartz once processed becomes a key raw material in various industries. From the oil and gas industry's need for the mineral for fracing to major tech corporations using the piezoelectricity which quartz holds to assemble the devices which are a part of our everyday lives.

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Chemical & Temperature Stablisation

Quartz is very resistant to heat and chemicals. The melting point of the mineral is higher than most metals.

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Quartz has a hardness of seven on the Mohs Scale, making it very durable.

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Luster And Diaphaneity 

The colour, luster, and diaphaneity of quartz makes it ideal in the manufacturing of items such as glass.

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The crystal has an ability to vibrate at precise frequencies.

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Silica stones such as quartzite, tripoli, and other microcrystalline quartz are used in polishing and cleaning hard surfacase.

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Quartz often acts as a skelteon for soil as it provides porosity for water. Dissolved silica from quartz is also an important compound for plants such as rice for its structual tissues.

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