About CeyQuartz

20 Years Of
Exceptional Business


About CeyQuartz MBI

CeyQuartz MBI Private Limited is a mining and mineral
processing company in Sri Lanka.

Founded in 1996 as a joint venture and technical collaboration between the Amerasinghe family and Japanese conglomerate, Morimura Bros. Inc., CeyQuartz has become a leading quartz processing manufacturer in South Asia.

The company was started with the vision of ensuring the highest quality of silica quartz to our agents and customers. Today, CeyQuartz continues to enact on this vision as CeyQuartz has become a main supplier of high purity quartz sand, exporting our products to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Ceyquartz MBI (Pvt) Ltd shall focus on extracting and adding value to raw quartz in the most environmentally sustainable manner while also strengthening the national economy by implementing plans to extract high grade, high purity quartz towards the growth of all stakeholders.


Ceyquartz MBI (Pvt) Ltd shall build mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders in the Silica Quartz industry through a sound understanding of their needs and goals and an abiding commitment to continuously improve the Quality Management System, Products & Processes to assure long term competitiveness and profitability for all.

Our Founder

Peter Lucien Amerasinghe

Born in Matale, a famous hill station in Sri Lanka, he established the CeyQuartz factory in this district with the objective of giving back to the people of the area. A naturalist and an environmentalist from his early days and nurtured through his tea planting career, his love for nature & wildlife - especially Elephants – was well known and knew no bounds.

His ethos extended so far as to go out of his way to protect valuable trees during the construction of the CeyQuartz Factory. This care and concern for the environment continues to be the framework of the Organizational Culture of CeyQuartz, driving us to achieve ISO 14001:2015 status.

CeyQuartz embarks on the next 20 years with the leadership of the next generation, with his vision of making Sri Lankan value-added minerals the best in the world intact, putting people before profit and firmly grounded in his motto to “get it right the first time”.